Big News!

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of merging the Metuchen Town Soccer Club and the Metuchen Travel Soccer Club.  Our new name will be the Metuchen Soccer Club.  You can click on the Metuchen Town Soccer Club or Metuchen Travel Soccer Club links below for more information on either of the two programs.  


Travel Soccer​

Town Recreational Soccer


 Our Mission

Through the sport of soccer to provide our community a fun and rewarding environment where all our children, regardless of their background or ability, can achieve their full potential.



About Us

Our goal is to deliver the best soccer experience possible for the children of our community.


We strive to provide the right opportunities for children of all different levels - soccer skill, athleticism, socioeconomic, age - to succeed. From our Recreation, InterCounty, and Travel programs to our MiniMeggers, PreK, and Buddy Ball (children with disabilities) programs.


We also contribute to the needs of our broader community through student scholarships, equipment donation, and international sister clubs (Ugandan Bulldogs).


The Club is committed to educating and training players, coaches and parents in all relevant aspects of the game. While creating the right environment for them to learn, play, respect the game. Instilling the importance of good sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, skills of the game and fair play.


Most importantly we strive to foster the love of the game of soccer for our children.


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